Friday, June 3, 2016

Revival and Revenge of the Robot

Old Robot Dead - Long Live New Robot!

The Revenge and Revival of the Robot

Catz was a regular feature in music newspaper Illiana Beat
"Catz" comic strip was a regular feature of the Chicago area newspaper The Illiana Beat. The above strip was first published August 6, 1984 by young cartoonist Rob Lattin. This cartoon is apt to go with the release of the Revenge of the Robot Part 1 & 2, dontcha think?

Last year, on the Fantom Phactory site, this article appeared about a new version of the song The Robot:

Revenge of the Robot: Son of Robot 3.0 Released

Digging in the vault of broken parts and dusty vibes, we found the extended version of TeknoGeek's The Robot (2009). The Robot 2.0 (also known as The Robot Returns) was a variation but this recent discovery extends the song into another "realm".

Hence, the song which crawls out of the original would be aptly called "Son of Robot 3.0."

Alternative title is "Revenge of the Robot". It's pretty cool, especially with the added segue of the intro music to "Son of Pumpkinstein Theme".

Well, 2016 brings a different surprise! We recovered a wave of the original Robot which had the Teknogeek nerds discussing their plot. Originally called “The Plot”, the vocal dialog was deleted and a cymbal crash began (and ended) the song.

The idea was to have these geeks who sounded like Steven Hawking, who had no musical talent, to come up with a dastardly plan to create rock music to make them famous since they failed at their tech jobs. The plot was to kidnap Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page and force him to record music for them. However, they wimped out and noticed that their neighbor also played electric guitar. Apparently, they had created a robot in which to become a musician but that failed (as the robot destroyed everything - so the story was supposed to go).

Anyway they decide to use the Robot to kidnap their guitar playing neighbor. The song The Robot (originally distributed by Tunecore) then led into the title track of their albumThe Abduction of a Rock Guitarist”. This album was released in 2009 and was no longer available in the US after 2012.

The plot thickens, naturally, as this scenario led to the creation of Dr. Pumpkinstein’s Monster, fondly called Son of Pumpkinstein, released by the Fantom Phactory on the spooky album "Lonely Ghost"..

So when we remixed and remastered the Revenge of the Robot in 2015 we added part of the theme of Son of Pumpkinstein at the end of the extended version.

The Fantom Phactory article about the Robot continues:

Most of the TeknoGeek GoonSquad songs (soundtracks) were to be chapters in their story relating to the discovery of the Robot, going to Seattle, plotting to kidnap Jimmy Page, and discovery an old cassette player which had a tape that plays screams of the dead. Pretty frightening.

Fast forward to April 2016 - with the discovery of this slightly different version (wave and digital live) take of our friend the Robot, we kept the nerd dialogue, removed the cymbals and remastered the Latin rhythm backdrop. My original guitar tracks were re-inserted, as well as a remix of the Robot's voice. Cool!

Then, re-recording and remixing the second part, we added more dance rhythms, as well as robot sounds and an ominous undercurrent. Yes, he’s really a bad, bad robot.

With this discovery and re-mixing, etc, we have titled the song The Revenge of the Robot Part 1 & 2 and it can be heard on YouTube in its entirety. The video isn’t about being a video, but a means to listen to the song so if you want to comment, please comment about the music and not the visuals.

Here it is everybody - don’t you just love the digital music freedom?!



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