Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rajneesh: Song About the Adventures of a Lovable Indian Boy

From Wikipedia:
Khan as "Raji" in Maya, circa 1967.
Updated May 20, 2015

What can be more interesting than the mischievous adventures of a lovable Indian boy?

Some of the greatest music comes out of India. Most of what I have heard where from old LP's, India TV, and 90's pop videos. I fell in love with the sound and found a great radio station in Chicago that played contemporary Indian music.

As a composer, my catalogue would feel incomplete if I did not have a song which is about India, with Indian influences in the song itself. So what better reason to write an Indian song that could be a soundtrack for an action adventure song about a young Indian boy, like a young Sajid Khan, and how he gets in and out of trouble in the big city. Let's say he was from Kerala and moves to Bombay.

So I want to reintroduce this story and the song. No song would be complete with this genre if it didn't include elephants contributing to the beat and feel of this exciting song. And, being a guitarist, it has to have guitar in it to help support it edginess as well.

Here's Rajneesh: The story of a young boy from southern India who had a hypnotic power over the animals of the jungle. His saga starts when he realizes that he has this power and is trying to control it.

Personal note:: This is still one of my favorites. I always loved the music of India - it's chord progression, the love story duets, and even the retro pop songs. This song is intended for soundtrack use but is also the perfect song to dance to.

Yes it's also a dance song!

photo credit: Wikipedia

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