Saturday, February 8, 2014

Album News & FREE Music Download

Album News.

The Mad Experiment album is in the works with some final mixdowns and with additional new recordings. Most of the songs are rock based with one or two instrumentals. One instrumental "Space Safari", was issued as a pre-release for testing and is to be included on the new album to released 2014.

Although the songs are rock based, there is a lot experimentation done on song formula, lyric content, vocal style, and unpredictability. Not intended for regular radio airplay, the songs may fit the format of underground stations due to their brevity. Hoping for a popular following, they have a pop likability and even though they may be considered "eclectic", most can be considered sing along or even something to dance to. Keep in mind that this music is experimental. One remarkable thing about this is that while most groups and individual artists are following the pack to sound like the latest pop music, this music travels off the beaten path and trailblazing its own way to its own special beat.

Besides all the brand new material, Mad Experiment will also be doing a remix of some older material from the digital album "Abduction of a Rock Guitarist." An extended version of "El Destructo Mundo" can be sampled for free here. You can download it FREE from Sound Cloud for a limited time. When the free download is about to end we will send out a final notice.

El Destructo Mundo 2

El Destructo Mundo is based on man's destruction of the living earth. Unfortunately, man is not allowed to totally annihilate himself and the survivors of such a catastrophe begin to rebuild their world. It is a dark story that shows man's desire to build is stronger than his desire to destroy. The question is: would that re-built world be any better than the one destroyed?

Well, listen to the song and draw your own conclusions. Just click on the sound gadget below. Be sure to share and comment on it! You can download it FREE - for a limited time.

Album Title Suggestions

Album titles for the new recordings.

Suggestions sent to us from interested parties have been compiled and here are the top 5.
1. Rob Lattin's Mad Experiment
2. Space and Time
3. When I Wake Up
4. The Beginning
5. Reverse Concoction

For the Remix material, title suggestions included:

1. Rajneesh and the Banana Boy
2. Revenge of the Robot
3. Coffee, Tea, or Primordial Soup?
4. The Teknogeek Goonsquad
5. Tesla's Tales
6. Retrograde Motion
7. Lost In Space

Whatever is chosen, the remix is going to be great. The original was pulled down so remixes could be made, plus some added material. Among those kids that love teckno trance and electronica, the original "Robot" was a popular favorite. Because the marketing behind the original MP3 release was lacking and not many results were gained through Tunecore, the original was pulled down and made no longer available. The good news is that the remix beefs up the music and will be released through a more popular channel after the Mad Experiment's new album release. So first you will be able to get the new stuff and soon after, the remix stuff. 
Wherever or whoever markets the digital and physical copies, they will be available on Android through Google Play.

The Difference Is

What are the differences between the two albums, other than one being remixed and the other being newly recorded? Well, for now, let's call the Remix album Rajneesh and the new album Mad Experiment.

Whereas Mad Experiment features 90% of the songs as vocal songs, Rajneesh is 90% instrumental with one vocal song sung in Rap. Whereas Mad Experiment features heavy guitar and can be called pop, Rajneesh is more suitable as a soundtrack album, that features various genres: jungle, electro, jazz, and combo mixtures.

Rajneesh will have bonus material. Besides extended versions of El Destructo Mundo and also an extended version of the Robot (Part 1 and Part 2),

Mad Experiment Blog

Upcoming blogs will include The Ballad of the Teknogeek Goonsquad, The Abduction of a Rock Guitarist Case, and The Banana Boy Affair. Later on, some of the lyrics will be available for the Experiment Album.
Clips of experimental music will also be available on this blog as well.These recording are merely clips and not in any fully recorded songs. Although they are "partials" these are not to be used in any way that will infringe on the copy rights of the musicians or composers.

Check out the artwork below and let us know what you "think". Pretty mind exploding, is it not? :)


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lyric Sheet to Dinner With the Kannibles

Lyric Sheet to Dinner With the Kannibles
Usually my neighbors like me, sometimes
with corn on the cob and baked potatoes

Dinner With The Kannibles
(C) 2009 Robert Lattin All Rights Reserved
from the digital album "The Abduction of a Rock Guitarist"

(animal noises, an arrow into a door and a scream)

I peeked out my window and what did I see?
A moving truck, new neighbors moving in next to me
They had spears, weird animals and a huge barbeque
They played wild jungle music and there was screaming too

(a dinner a dinner a dinner chow, a dinner a dinner a dinner now)

Well one day we got an invitation to go over there for a meal
I told my wife about it and asked her how she would feel
She said "They're our new neighbors, let's go and don't be rude!"
Against my better judgment we'd go to the barbeque!

(a dinner a dinner a dinner chow, a dinner a dinner a dinner now)

Man I saw live chickens and heard a loud squeal
I was losin' my appetite and I wasn't ready for any meal.
They brought in some kind of meat sliced with a huge knife
I looked all around but you know what? I couldn't find my wife!

(a dinner a dinner a dinner chow, a dinner a dinner a dinner now)
Where'd she go?
Honey! Are you there?

Well, I wasn't hungry but they told me to eat
They told me when dinner was over that uh I was in for a treat
Then my wife came in from some room, she was in some sort of a trance
My neighbor started drumming and my wife began to dance!

Look at her go!
(a dinner a dinner a dinner chow, a dinner a dinner a dinner now)
She got the move!
She dances with her closed!
Where'd she get those knives?

((jazz record interlude))

(audience clapping)

Oh OH!

Honey?! Where did she go?

(a dinner a dinner a dinner chow, a dinner a dinner a dinner now)

Well I felt relieved when I thought that dinner was through
They said it was just beginning - Time for the barbeque!
I said I wasn't hungry I was uh, feeling kinda ill (aww)
Then they tied me up and carried me out to the grill!


(a dinner a dinner a dinner chow, a dinner a dinner a dinner now)

Be careful with that knife!
Has anyone seen my wife?
Oh oh!

You can hear the song here on this post: Dinner With The Kannibles

Well I hope you sang along. I still like this song - and it seems that where ever I move, there's always a new neighbor moving next to me.