Saturday, May 18, 2013

Personal Thoughts About Nuclear Armageddon: El Destructo Mundo 2


Nuclear Armageddon? El Destructo Mundo?

I just realized that I never had any thoughts about the reason for this song and what it means. So, here I am, reading all the nonsense about global warming, nuclear war, and recently "climate change". Yes, all the atheists and liberal nutcases are promoting that "man" is destroying the ecology, poor Mother Earth, boo hoo, let's wring our hands some more.

With no science to back it up, we are not going to destroy the Earth by not "going green". On the other hand, many believe we are going to bomb ourselves into oblivion with a nuclear Armageddon. There will be an Armageddon of sorts, but it won't be man-made.

The end won't occur on our timetable and Divine Providence determines when the end of the age will  be.However, this song is trying to capture what it would be like if we bombed ourselves silly.

Evil thinks he has won, but even he is powerless to destroy mankind. so at the beginning of the song, after the missiles launch and all seems to be wiped out, evil laughs and plays his evil metal guitar. 

But he won;t be laughing for long as there will be survivors. there will always be survivors. Recall the Great Deluge, 8 were allowed to survive and replenish the Earth. Satan cannot change Divine Plans.

So the song takes on a growing and developing mode, flourishing into a happiness, showing that Good does overcome Evil. 

This is a jazz-tinged instrumental. Take the time to listen through. This song tells a different ending than Steve Farmer's Amboy Dukes song about Armageddon "Psalms of Aftermath".

Here is the full version of El Destructo Mundo. The original was an abbreviated version which was offered through Tune Core back in 2009-2010.
Now, letting ISIS bomb us all, well, that's another tale to tell. Or perhaps we'll be invaded by aliens and turned into brain-hungry zombies. Perhaps not.

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