Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Experimental Music: When The Government Hires Mad Scientists

Welcome to my Mad Experiment
It's A Mad World
Because WE ASKED
For It.
And We Got It

What happens when the government hires mad scientists to conduct tests on humans?

Well, it has happened in the last 100 years by some totalitarian nations, Germany and Russia to name a few. But how about in the US or Britain or even Australia? Well governments are getting out of control as voters have become zombified in this gimme gimme society.

And so the government gives, and it takes as well. Without getting into the political debate about what is going on in reality, let's imagine the near future should the regimes continue to usurp more power than ever before.

Let's say they not only use humans as guinea pigs with your seal of approval, but they actually employ mad doctors and scientists to conduct atrocities on you. Lobotomies, amputations and grafts, and shock treatment, all these things return and there's no stopping them. No one can save you.

It all started with indoctrination in the public schools and overflowed into total control of the media outlets. You only know what THEY want you to know. And that point is emphasized in my new song "The Edge of Nonsense", which should be available this year for you to hear. There I sing what Big Brother wants you to see, eat, feel or live.

 The extension of this idea is captured in the instrumental "Mad Experiment", which this blog is also based on. This song has the robotized nurse instructing you what is going to happen to you. If the test fails, it done over again, until the results are achieved. If you die, your family will be notified. Similar to Obamacare, eh?

 Listen carefully to the under-sounds and you'll hear some wild shock treatment going on. This song is actually a horror song as it is too close to reality. But, it's also a dance song! All you zombies out there can dance to this while the poor lab rat, (me), gets experimented on.

Enough of the serious stuff. I composed and arranged this tune to have sort of a jazz feel, with a little rock guitar thrown in. There are brief reliefs in the song for a drum breather with added sound effects to keep the thing interesting. After all, I'm strapped to a bed in a buildling in the middle of nowhere while 10,000 volts are being shot through my skull and that can be boring after a while. So it's OK to dance to this song.

 Here's a little info about this ditty at soundcloud:
Mad Experiment is about the near future where an overreaching government controls peoples lives, like "The Island" where Number 6, John Drake former secret agent is a prisoner. All the nutty professors and mad doctors operate on your brain to control your mind. Instead of testing laboratory rats or creating robots or even a monster like Frankenstein, they just want to play with your mind and body. This song tries to tell that story.
Here is that song:

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